What is SaaS Gearbox and which products you can add

SaaS Gearbox™ is a collection of tools and resources helping founders of SaaS applications to launch and run their SaaS business. The appropriate categories of products include (but not limited to):

  • Ideation, marketing, sales, fundraising, market research
  • Design, architecture
  • Development
  • Support.

This resource is not for SaaS applications unless their purpose is to help SaaS founders to solve their problems.


Maker is a company or individual that creates products. Item is a product made by a maker. It may be a book, resource, software program, service, or other.

Don't mix makers and items. For example, a website can be considered as a maker but not an item if it has several products.

Creating makers and items

When creating makers and items please take into account the following:

  1. Currently, when users list through categories/types or any other ways to see items they are listed by their name (in alphabetical order).
  2. In the nearest future we will take into account other parameters:
  • completeness of provided information (description, number of images, accuracy in selecting categories and types)
  • how old is the product (newer shown first)
  • Provide a working link to your item. It should point to the original resource. We don't allow links pointing to other catalogs like alternativeto or capterra.
  • Pointing to non-working services/apps or landing pages (that do nothing useful for users). It will not be approved. Your item should be at least an MVP (minimal valuable product) so it must have abilities to help end-user with solving their problems, even on the minilmal level.
  • Affiliate links. You may not be creator of an item but you can't use any links with affiliate reference numbers or UTM codes.

The text of the description can be up to 3000 symbols length. Use the markdown syntax to make the description live and real. Copy-pasted simple test lowers the item's rank.

Provide an item's description in the context of SaaS applications. Start with answering the question "How can my tool or resource help SaaS founders?"

Categories and types

Every item should belong to a category and a type. If you can't find an appropriate category or type (subcategory or subtype) please drop us email and we will create a new category/type.

  • If your product has a trial version, but doesn't have a free version (even with restricted features) you can't add the "Free" badge.
  • If your product can't be downloaded immediately without registration or entering email it can't be considered as open-source.

You can provide up to 3 images for your item (for a free account). The more you provide the better am item will be indexed.

How to publish an item

When you think you are to publish your item, open its "Item info" tab and switch "Published" on, then save your item. We will be notified immediately. If we find your product appropriate to this resource and content is good we will approve your item and it will be available in the catalog.

The current status of an item can be found on its tab "Item info". Approval message can be empty or have the information about how you can improve your item.

If you published your item and after 2-3 days it's still not approved please let us know.

Maker will be also reviewed.

Why to claim a maker/item

If you claim an item you will claim a maker automatically.

When you have ownership of a maker, you edit its information, add, edit and delete products created by this maker. Therefore, you have full control over how this maker and its items are presented on our resource.

How to claim a maker

If you are an author or founder and found your product or maker on SaaS Gearbox, you can claim it. You just do 2 simple steps:

  1. Register and confirm your account.
  2. Send us email with your information (mention your authorship, give some explanation, etc.). The email you send from should be the same as you use when register.

We will review your claim and if everything is okay, you will have the maker and all its items under your account. We will notify you as soon as we make a decision.

There is no cost for claiming ownership.

How to complain

If you see a maker or item that is inappropriate please let us know immediately.